Preparation of deep water pump before installation

(1) First check the diameter of the wells, the depth of water and the power supply system to meet the conditions of use.

(2) Check the electric pump rotation is flexible, should no dead point, divided into the motor and electric pump application coupling connection, pay attention to tighten top wire.

(3) Open exhaust and water injection screw plug, to the motor cavity filled with water, attention to prevent fake full, good screw plug, should not leak phenomenon.

(4) The electrical insulation of the motor is measured by 500 kv meter, and should not be less than 150 euro trillion.

(5) should be equipped with the appropriate lifting tools, such as tripod, hanging chain, etc.

(6) To install the protection switch and start-up equipment, instantaneous start the motor (not more than 1 seconds), to see if the motor steering and steering signs are the same, if the contrary, swap power of any two joints, and then a good cable plate and the water network, ready for the wells, in the motor and pump coupling, must be poured from the pump outlet water, to be watered down from the intake of the time can start.